Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Twenty-Seventh Lesson

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Lesson Number Twenty-Seven: Always choose life.

Could you believe that I was once a run-away from 'life'? Yes. I used to be coward, faint-hearted, weak, submissive, neurotic, fearful, etc, etc... I used to be anything negative you could describe a person. 

Am I still this person now? Not that much. I learned. I had my fair share of learning it the hard way. I did not choose to learn. God did. He put me inside a suffocated situation where I CHOOSE to grasp for air. It were situations where I could hardly breathe and struggle every inch of strength I had just to breath. That was my way of learning.

If there is any wise lesson I learned so much from life -- it is choosing life. No matter how much we run away from life; no matter how much we surrender; no matter how much we submit ourselves; no matter how much we give up, we could do nothing but choose life. It is because, every breath we take is life. It is given to us freely. On the contrary, we could not give it back freely.  

There is one way of giving this life voluntarily back to its Creator -- committing suicide. But it's wrong. It's a wrong choice. It is an act that imprisons our souls forever. All because we have not the right to take back this life away from us.
This 'life' we have is given us freely to be lived fully, to be enjoyed, to be cherished. 

The good thing about life is -- no matter how difficult every situation could be, there is always a way out. When we believe the end of the world is at hand, there is always a savior who always come unexpectedly.They may be friends, acquaintances, or even strangers. They were just sent without their knowledge to help us out.

So by now, if you are weary, dreadful, disappointed, frustrated and at the verge of giving up, just choose life. No matter what you do, God is there watching you, interfering in your every act. All He wants from you, is to choose life.
Choose life. It is much better than choosing the other way, yet in the end you are bound to choose life still. Choose life immediately instead of  wasting time and effort. Do it now and live.

Get happy!



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