Monday, August 29, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Thirty-Seventh Lesson

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Lesson Number Thirty-Seven: Your children get only one childhood.  Make it memorable.

If I just have overflowing money, 
I would give up working just to be with my kids.  
If I could stop time,
I would stop it and spend the free time with my kids.
If I could spare my children from pain I would,
But it could only hinder them from becoming stronger.
I may love to give everything perfect thing for my children,
Yet, nothing is perfect except the love I could have for them. 

I know all of us, parents, want to give the best for our children. They are the best things that happened in our lives, our treasures, and our purposes for being here.

It is so true that they could only have one childhood, so if we could give them the best let us give it. The reason why other people could never grow up, is because they are tied up to their not so good childhood. Childhood is the time when our minds are clear and ready for anything to be filled in there. However, when this childhood is smeared with painful and embarrassing experiences, it is doomed to stay in the mind until the person involved is prepared to let it go and start his life with a clean slate again.

I accept my childhood wasn't perfect but it sure had its fond memories I loved to visit time and again. And I want my children to experience the same. Hope you could too.

Get happy!

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