Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Thirty-Eighth Lesson

Lesson Number Thirty-Eight:  Read the Psalms.  They cover every human emotion.

What is your favorite psalm? Mine is Psalm 23. This was introduced to me by my born again Christian aunt when I was still twelve years old. She encouraged me to memorize it. Eventually I did. And it helped a lot, especially in times when my faith wavers.

It is so true that the psalms cover every human emotion like anger, hatred, love, inspiration, hope, depression, anguish, disappointment, joy, faith, ecstasy and all other emotions every human being could feel. I could even hardly believe that people in Biblical times could feel so much anguish when it seems that God had been so near to them in those times. However they are just humans, subject to feel those feelings. 

The Psalms is a Biblical book that connects us to our past. It points us how human we are just like our ancestors. I, on my part, sometimes dreaded to feel the negative feelings that lurk in the deepest part of me. I have the difficulty accepting the fact that negativity is a part of me. But how can I be so ungrateful for it when it is through those feelings that my forefathers discovered God the more? It is in expressing those feelings that God showed them Himself. And it is in feeling those emotions that I know how human I am. And it is only in becoming human will I discover the greatness of God. 

The Psalms also are a good guide for discovering the greatness of God. We could feel how ecstatic the Psalmist had been when he describes the greatness of God. In his mystical experiences I am so much awed and inspired, that such would I feel when I become one with God. 

I could only describe the Psalms in my own limited mind, but the Psalms is more than that. When you read it you'll discover more about God, and more of your faith. Try it. And be guided by the Good Shepherd in Psalms 23.

Get happy! 

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