Sunday, August 23, 2009


The tide was low exposing the seashore's rocky surface that beckoned me to come and gather some shells from its bounty. As I was about to step out to the tempting shore, seawater rushed to cover the exposed surface. The tide became higher and higher and higher; until I was surrounded by four walls of waters. Becoming aware that that there was no escape, I prayed, believing that would be my end. Fortunately, I have woken up and realized that it was all a dream; a dream that left my restless mind pondering.

We all have heard of islets and islands already submerged in water due to the fast melting of ice and glaciers. What if the formidable will actually happen in our generation and we will be a witness of a whole civilization being buried in water? Heat waves strike anywhere in the globe from Asia to Europe to America. The ozone layer's hole increased day by day. Who knows what will happen in the next ten or twenty years?

If we could no longer save our planet then let us at least save our souls. From now on let us focus more our energies on striving to make our souls in the best shape so that if we are to go back to the Father either by our own doing or by the Father's will we are already prepared and would have no fear whatsoever in our hearts.

We may not be able to control others destroying our planet but saving our souls depends so much on ourselves.

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