Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Power Within

     The center of power is not to be found in summit meetings or in peace conferences. It is not in Peking or Washington or the United Nations, but rather where a child of God prays in the power of the Spirit for God's will to be done in her or his life, in her or his home, and in the world about her or him.
      Ruth Bell Graham

     No one is able to defeat someone whose power is within. Anybody whose power depends on material wealth and even has the highest position in any given office is full of hidden fears; for these kind of powers could be easily snatched by anyone interested in these. However, anyone who is not even a position holder in any given office, yet possesses the power within which could not be taken or stolen by anyone, is by far the happiest of all. Because this is the kind of power that is rooted in a deep faith of the Most Powerful Creator of all: God. Such person fears nothing; for how could he when the Power within does not recognize such fears?

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