Monday, August 24, 2009


     I could not say whether it was coincedence or not; but it took only one day for me to discover the end of the world prediction in 2012 after I posted about my dream of our planet's possible end. In my post I was positive on what to do. However, after reading Gerard Le Flamand's blog I was speechless. I did not know what I felt. It was kind of fear or unbelief that the planet I am living will soon end in three years time as predicted. It was only a prediction I know. But then some possible reasons for it to be so were already manifested; like the increased heat of the sun.  
     For days I was restless. I wanted to talk to God, to search Him, to ask Him why. I felt so much betrayed. If we, humans, are God's focal point of His creation, then why does He wants to end us? Why does He would allow such catastrophe to befall on us?
     Last night I did talk to God, and He answered only the questions I managed to ask. He could have said more, but I was not on a deeper level so as to listen God's voice in its entirety. My spirit heard only the beatings of my heart and its little messages.
     These were the messages I managed to gather: God loves us so much. If He were to end this world, it is not because He loves us less; He just loves us so much that He is taking us to some beautiful place, much much better than where we are now because we deserve that. And if we, too, love Him and believe in Him, then why must we doubt His promises? Why must we be afraid on where He is taking us? In the Old Testament God was always saving His people, those who heard His voice and took heed of His will, and brought them out before any damage was done in the place where they stayed.
     I am not saying God will take us out just like the way He intructed Noah to build an ark. I don't know how. This is just what my heart of hearts told me. Whether the prediction will come true or not, at least I am assured that everything is going to be alright as long as I would not doubt God's faithfulness. I am a little pacified by now.
     By the way, while talking to God last night I was looking up at the sky watching the brilliant stars. A beautiful thing registered in my senses: the sparkling stars I watched were forming heart-shaped. Wherever I looked up, my gaze focused only heart-shaped formations by the stars: the very first time that ever happened in my stargazing activity. The very first time ever.
     Be not afraid my soul, for the love of God assures.     

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