Tuesday, August 25, 2009

God's Will

     Nature has blended your mind so completely with your body, as to deny you the power of limiting yourself and bringing under control everything that you are. Always bear that in mind, and with it, how little is needed to live a happy life. Just because you've given up on becoming a great logician or student of physics, don't despair of being free, modest, unselfish, and obedient to the will of God. It's quite possible to become a great sage and yet never be recognized.
Marcus Aurelius

     If the prediction of 2012 is indeed true, I would continue to be doing just what I am doing now - still improving what needs to be improved in myself, especially my relationship with God. What lies ahead of me is not under my control. I would just be obedient to the Will of God. The rhythms of life are under God's hands. God also gives me the Will to be at pace with the rhythms of this life. Why would I despair when the God I believe is faithful to His promises? He is God and has given me everything I need to be happy. When I am unhappy, it only means I have stray away from God's pace. That is what life is all about; keeping with the pace of God.

     Whatever will come, I am at the center of God's mercy.

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