Friday, August 21, 2009


When AH1N1 virus hit Mexico and ultimately some parts of the world in the second week of March this year WHO got alarmed and so were the respective governments of the affected countries. Prevention was taught to the people, especially when no medicine yet was ever manufactured to counter the virus. Almost everyone's attention was focused on the outbreak. More so when the virus proved fatal to some patients.
From this view alone we see that people are attentive only to what is obvious. In truth there are some viruses in our society that are more deadly than AH1N1. The only difference is that these viruses do not have proper names. And it hurts so much to know that people love these viruses. Let's take the example of sex videos. We know such act is contrary to our Christian faith, if ever we have such one. But people love watching it, love downloading it and love passing it on from cellphone to cellphone. What about the virus that drives a father to rape his own daughter; the virus that drives people to rob others and ultimately kill them; the virus that drives government officials to rob the wealth of the nation through corruption? Countless viruses are tearing our society apart with the least of our awareness; all because sadly, we got used to this kind of news. What matters is only to whom this kind of incident happen; who are the carriers and who are the victims. These viruses have long been present and are increasing in number.
What must we do now? Vaccines that could prevent these viruses have long been introduced. Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa and Mohammad to name a few have proven themselves to be a vaccine against these viruses. Each one of us could either be a carrier or a vaccine. The great thing is WE HAVE A CHOICE. WE HAVE THE WILL.
What would you be: a carrier or a vaccine?

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