Saturday, March 14, 2015

Our Amazing World

I happen to stumble upon these amazing photos of our world.

The first time I saw these photos I was so amazed. I felt so small meditating upon the beauty of our world.

I used to believe my problems and concerns were the biggest in the world. However, there are other things much more important than dwelling on my problems. These things include: discovering the beauty of God's creation and praising Him how great He is.

There are these places that I doubt ever existed. Yet, they do.

I thought, with the things I understood I already have reached the depth and greatness of God.

And it is good to know that I was so wrong; for I discover my God is a very, very great and amazing God. No matter how much I pray or how many amazing places I see God is way, way beyond those things. I am just so glad I come to see these places though not personally for at least I have discovered another facet of God. Amazing!

Get happy!

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