Monday, March 9, 2015

Chasing Dreams

Chasing dreams. Sounds good. Make me says, "wow". But would you believe it, I want to run and hide every time I read these words now. I no longer want it. I am scared of it. Why? Because the moment I put my step on the first few miles in chasing my dreams I know I have to encounter many obstacles and must conquer tons of my fears  towards the fulfillment of my dreams. It is not easy chasing dreams actually. Because if it is, all of us would have achieved or fulfilled our life-long dreams.

I have tried last year to start chasing my dreams. I got hospitalized twice because I forgot to be smart and give rest importance. My body complained. It was too late. I already was over fatigued. Until now I am still recovering my health. 

Nevertheless, I have to chase my dreams. Now, not more so for myself, but for my loved ones. Or perhaps for the peace of my mind too. You see chasing dreams is not all about you making something for yourself, rather it is the divine in you wanting to get out; that restless spirit put by the Creator as the very purpose of your existence in this beautiful world. As Louise Hay said, "our longing is our calling." That said it all. We have this deep longing inside of us that we want to do, we want to fulfill. And that is the dream we need and must chase and realize. Now this longing is restless in the very core of my being. And I have to let it go by giving it my time and my energy. I know one day soon I will look back at my life and be able to say, I did it. And will thank myself for the day I made the decision to chase my dreams.

I hope you too would be able to chase your dreams. See you soon at the achievers circle.

Get happy!

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