Thursday, February 26, 2015

3 Productive Things To Do When You Could Not Sleep

Midnight is approaching and I still could not sleep. My consciousness is just too strong to submit to the call of slumber. I envy the gentle snoring of the sweet beings beside me. Why could not I have one?

Instead of tossing and turning I look for ways to put to good use this solitary time I have. I think of three ways: meditate, visualize, pray.


I try to close my eyes. Recall the happy moments during the day. Take deep breaths, in out, in, out. Relax my muscles, relax my nerves. I am still fully aware. My eyes are too sleepy to open but my mind is too active to rest. I try the second way.


I have dreams. Lots of them. I choose the one which is on top of my priority list. I say my affirmations and visualize it happening at the moment. It feels good. But still my mind is not relaxed. I try my last hope.


Many times I did this and many times it worked for me. I first talk to God. Then say the rosary. I always have my rosary with me when I sleep because if I don't, negative energies in human form lure me in my dreams. So I always have it with me. I just did not resort to praying the rosary earlier because I already said my prayers in the morning. Then I remember that this is already another day because midnight has just passed. Without any hesitation, I prayed. Right after praying my mind begin to wander then I already forget everything. The next thing I know I am already in my dreams. It worked once again!

Have you meet this dilemma once in a while? You may try my methods. Who knows it will work for you too.

Get happy!

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