Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Chain Letters - Breaking The Chain

Does the idea of breaking the chain to chain letters sounds scary? It is. If and only if your faith in God or the Higher Power is not that strong. Chain letters already revolved in my life when I was a kid. Since there was no FB and emails during that time, we had to write the required number of letters by hand and drop it in the post office. See, we had to involve our own money just not to break the chain. I have followed this routine for years. Until one day I came to the realization that the one who holds the power of "chain letters" is only me and my faith. Most chain letters I received were all about winning the lottery, having good news and all other promises if I were to follow its instructions. And if I would not, bad luck would happen in the next few days or few hours. For all those years I followed those instructions I haven't won a lottery or anything extraordinary happened in my life after passing the chain letters to other people. 

However, this is not the only reason why I stopped sending chain letters to others. The most important thing for me is my relationship with God and how I know Him all my life. For the past forty years of my life, the God I know is not the kind of "God" represented or pictured in chain letters. The God I know is not a punishing God. If not so good things happen in our life it is more on us having conflict with the universal law. Universal law exists so that there would be an order in the universe we live in. And from these conflicts we learn God's wisdom and a facet of God emerges. The God I know is a very loving God. He is love. He cannot unlove because His nature is love. And He loves me no matter what. It is even written that we are saved not because of our works but because of the grace of God. So why fear to stop chain letters when it is not really God that punishes, rather the fears that are already within us?

If you are still scared of stopping chain letters, it is time for you to question your faith. Where does it lie?  What is its foundation? Whether that chain letter is in text messages or Facebook be not afraid. God holds the universe. Just pray and believe that all is well because God is in charge. Let us put to stop the stupidity and fear of other people. Someone has to do it. Someone has to stand. If there is something we need to forward to our friends, it would be about the beauty and love of God who holds us in His mighty hands all through our life.

Get happy!

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