Thursday, March 12, 2015

God's Ideal Working Conditions

Charles Swindoll is one of my favorite authors. In his book Great Days With The Great Lives he described the scenario between God and Moses, wherein God told Moses to go to Pharaoh and ask of him the liberation of the Israelites. Moses on his part doubted his capacities given the fact that he was a stutterer. He was not confident of himself and even doubted if the Israelites would listen to him. He was at the end of his rope; yet God proved to him how right was He in choosing him.

I have felt exactly what Moses once felt. God may not have chosen me to do great responsibilities as that of Moses; yet sometimes I felt what God asks of me is so big I could not handle it and have not even the capacity to do it. I often argue with Him that if I were to do what He wants me to do, He should have given me the right qualifications and perfect conditions that are needed much in order for me to do what He wants me to do. However, God sees things differently. He has His ways that are beyond my understanding and could only be grasped if and when I stop complaining. He loves the impossible because it is there that His powers come out. He chooses what we worldly people consider as imperfect to let us know that we are far greater than what we think we are. And that He is always faithful.

As what Charles Swindoll has to say: The best framework for the Lord God to do His most ideal work is when things are absolutely impossible and we feel totally unqualified to handle it. That's His favorite circumstance. Those are His ideal working conditions.

So every time the working conditions are rough, let us always remember that these are God's most ideal working conditions. We just have to believe and do our thing. God will do His part too.

Get happy!

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