Saturday, April 18, 2015

Passing Through The Crisis Of Life

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Crisis. All of us pass through this. I am here now. I do not want to stay though. Only that years dropping by often here had taken its toll on me. If only it has infected my mind alone, I could handle it much easier. However, it had affected my physical well being. This I worry much about. After I went to the doctor, nothing serious seemed to be evident.  I just have to wait another two months if the prescription given really helped my problem. After a week's medication, I felt a lot better. It's just that I am still under the shadow of this crisis. Calling it midlife crisis seems appropriate. It seems I have taken a halt and I never know where else to go. I only rely on my God for guidance. I could not trust my own judgments as of the moment. The only light I hold is the thought that whatever I am experiencing right now, or wherever I am now in the scheme of things, this would just be part of the story that I have to tell. I know I am not alone in this place. We all are to pass through this phase. I am just taking deep, long, slow breaths. All is well. God is in charge.

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