Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"Wow Mental Toughness"

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     If you know about Darren Hardy and is following his articles, you surely have stumbled upon this idea. Mental toughness. How is it working? How is it helping me achieve happiness and bliss? Before I answer this myself, let me share Darren's quote first: " Whoever is more mentally strong will win, succeed, and live the life they were meant to live." I used to believe that the way to happiness is just simple--just live simply sans material things, love God, live peaceably with men, stay away from messing with bad people. As simple as that. Yet as simple as it sounds, the hardest it is to do. Why? Because the road to happiness is not only in the outside environment; the work must be focused more on the inside. And nobody's got a perfect childhood. Nobody. All of us received the "ideas and beliefs" of the older generation about our existence that still needs improvement. We are still at the age of the 'ah' and 'ow, is that it?' existence. We are still at the process of becoming. That is why I am not so much sold on the idea of the "...5 things or 10 ways to become happy"... Some of those ways help. But only temporarily. If someone is to become happy for life, one must work on it within himself. And one way of doing this, is achieving that mental toughness that Darren is talking about. I'll be off now to work on that mental toughness.

     Get Happy!

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