Friday, September 26, 2014

Walk Humbly With God


In this present generation there are whole lots of things one wants to do: from becoming a success in all areas of life, to gaming, to vacationing, to exercising, to maintaining good physical appearance and more. The only problem is time. Because almost everything is available with just one click, one is confused what to do first. Sadly, because of the busy-ness of life we tend to forget our very purpose in this world. We tend to forget what God requires of us. Praying, religion, Christianity seem to be things of the past. Then when something does not turn out quite well, it is then we remember God and ask Him why.

In our everyday dealings have we seen people who are merciful, just and humble? Are they common? Or even ourselves; are we merciful, just and humble? What we often see now are people who are competitive, goal-oriented and success-oriented. There is no wrong belonging to this group because they give positive impact. Yet, let us not forget that whatever goals and success we are after, God should be in the center, and that when  we become a success may it be rooted in the values of being just, merciful and humble.

Get Happy!

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