Sunday, May 29, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Fourth Lesson

Lesson Number Four: Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does.

There were so many people down there. As I climbed up the stage, all of their eyes were focused on me. I tried to muster all my strength and courage, to act as if I were confident. Sadly, I was not able to maintain my focus. When I heard my voice trembled the moment I spoke up, I forgot everything. My focus was then shifted to my fears, to the people's look of disbelief, to the silence that seemed eternal engulfing the whole auditorium. I became silent. I forgot the very reason why I was there. It was hopeless. My mind was blank. Eventually, I gave up. I gave back the microphone to the emcee. Then I climbed down the stage.
     I never knew, that that was my first act of going down everytime I am faced with every opportunity to rise up and proclaim my confidence to the world. That was my first act of losing, which had been followed by many losses. Until I learned to live that kind of life for more than twenty years of my life. Every decision I made was based on that fear. Every choices I made was based on that fear. All because I took myself so seriously. I took that mistake so seriously that it crippled the beautiful person I was supposed to be.
      Unfortunately, nobody cared about that mistake. Yeah, I forgot my line on that declamation contest, yet nobody cared. Nobody cared because no one took myself and my mistake so seriously. And I no longer want that.
     Now, I am no longer taking myself that seriously. Because it doesn't help at all. Never. As much as I want, I want to live my life like a flowing water. And oh, it feels so good.
     Get happy!

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