Saturday, May 2, 2015

Back To The Right Path

Deepak Chopra's meditation has helped me a lot. As you can see I have been quite tired for a longer time now; two months to say the least. I tried meditation to ease my pains and aches and to relax my muscles and heart. I felt a lot better. Thanks to Deepak Chopra. His way of meditation is not new to me since I have been practicing this kind of meditation way back in my twenties; though at that time meditation has not yet been introduced to all, unlike today with the advent of Internet everything is just one click away. But truly, at that time, I never know what I was doing was a kind of meditation, and was an antidote to the soul. It just came to me quite naturally, as if my spirit was used to doing it. 
However, as my business in life became complicated, my time seemed to be not enough for all my undertakings. Meditation, which should have been the most important of all, was the very thing I have given up to accommodate my other activities. For ten long years I have given it up. As stress and more stress mounted up in my life, I felt so many unhealthy feelings in my body. I felt weak, tired, fatigued, sickly and worst of all depressed; though I am a little guilty for feeling depressed when I should be thankful for all the blessings I received in life, especially my happy family. 
Seeing everything I was doing in my life, I had the urge to pause, looked back in the past and asked myself what happened. I realized I have been taking everything so seriously. I was all work and no play. It would have been better if I got wealthy for being so industrious. Sadly, I was not. I am still the same struggling soul I used to be but much worst, for my spirituality was dwindling inside of me. I felt so lost. However, God always light up one's despaired soul. He whispered in my ear to try meditation and prayer once again. Thankfully, the Internet is loaded with all kinds of meditation from highly enlightened individuals. Once again I embark on this journey. 
And I am so happy I did it, for my soul responded so joyfully to it. I began to like Deepak Chopra's version. I seemed to be brought again to where I had been and started again where I once stopped.
Get happy!


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