Thursday, April 30, 2015

Crowning Glory

While Amy Schumer wiped her make-up in her sketch, "Inside Amy Schumer" that triggered a No Make-up Movement I also am experimenting on not hiding my quite number of white hairs. I have been plucking these white hairs since I forgot when. You know, these signs of aging that you do not want to happen to you and trying to prevent it from happening just to make yourself and others believe that you are still young. I am able to make others believe that I look younger than my age because of my petite built. But my white hairs show it. I have already done a couple of dying from my beautician. It felt good and looked good. It is so flattering when someone tells you, "hey you never age, what's the secret?" Every time I hear this I feel like I become younger and younger. Though most of us know that to maintain  a younger look, it only takes a trip to the salon. 
Yet, why do am experimenting if I can live with my silver crowning glory? Health issues. We all know that too much chemicals is not good for our body. It is toxic to our body. It will help us look younger and make us die younger too. So I think why not concentrate on my inner glow? I may look "older" outside but who can prevent me from glowing younger inside? When the spirit glows, it shows. No one knows what it is you have that makes you attractive. And no one could also deny it. And this is the genuine beauty that would never fade after a few months. As long as I am in tune to that what makes me beautiful within, I would never be afraid. 
Now I say I embrace my white hairs. It is a crown I wear for being blessed with a number of decades in this world. My body may no longer look stunning than my previous years; I do hope my spirit will. And I am happy.
Get happy!

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