Thursday, April 30, 2015

Will You Please Stop Criticizing?

Yesterday I read an FB post concerning the attitude of other people; of how untrue they are, and of how unloving they are. Though there is a grain of truth in it, yet what can we do about it? Millions of people like that are roaming in planet Earth. We could not do anything about it. Jesus came. Jesus left. Still these kind of people exist. On my take, instead of criticizing how unbecoming these people are, could we just love them? I know it is hard. But how sure also are we that never, not even once in our life have we become unloving and untruthful. I acknowledge my humanity. And I acknowledge also the fact that once or perhaps many times in my life have I been untrue and unloving. Sadly, these times happen in my unawareness. People long to be loved and accepted. They would not do anything that would make them look nasty, save only the fact if they are unhealthy (that is, if they have disease like masochism and the like). 
Man is a complex being. We all know that. People behave according to the voice of their experiences, or of their influences. So could we please stop criticizing and begin forgiving and loving? I would be much grateful if you will forgive me and love me than criticize me. I am already doing the same to you, whoever you are. This is the easier way to bring peace to the world. This is the Christian way.
Get happy!

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