Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rumblings Of The Spirit

     In my last post I shared about the rumblings of my spirit in achieving perfection in life thru happiness and getting my soul in shape. One underlying reason for it was my desire to achieve many things within a little period  of time. Why was this so? Simple, I just forgot I was racing against time by doing so. I forgot, in order to achieve a balanced life, I must walk hand in hand with time. I must make time as my companion in order to live life moment by moment.

     I do not deny the fact that I am one of those bombarded by tons of information daily. One of my main source now of the so-called knowledge is the internet. By following my desire to get much information with just a series of pressing keys one to another I failed to watch how greed took control of me. I became a victim of the white screen before me. I am just glad I immediately became aware before I lost myself totally.

     Happiness is just living life moment by moment. It is more about being with oneself and communicate with the God within. Though it is right to look for more knowledge on the things we are interested in, yet we must not forget that the answers to most of our questions almost always lies within us. We are not a walking computer thereby we must not try to "know" everything. If there are things we must learn we must ask God first that He may show us the way and that it would be easier for us to sift the right from the not-so-right. We are not everything therefore not everything work for us.
     With these realizations I am now a little bit relaxed; for no one could ever question me what little "achievement" have I got other than myself. And no one carries myself better than me.

     Live life fully!

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