Wednesday, September 16, 2009


     It is all about me once again. Sometimes I feel guilty for always talking about myself if not downright bored.

     But, yeah, this is the impression that we are going to leave in this world. Everything we do is all about ourselves no matter what our craft is. Just like the president of our nation; it is always about her - what she is. She may claim to be the servant of the people; yet whatever her accomplishments or failures are is all about her - the person that she really is.

     Just like Cory Aquino; her death triggered awareness from the people to keep talking about her because she had expressed something in her lifetime and that was what she left behind. Her life still was all about herself. She did help and inspired millions; yet her life was not about those she helped. Her life was all about herself. And thus the people keep talking about her because she left a lasting impression that was truly hers.

     So, here I am talking about myself always because my life is all about myself. If others benefit from my words much better; if not, then perhaps it is I who would learn from others. Yet, my life still is not about others who would benefit from me or not, rather my life still is all about myself.

     The Bible also did not go deeper into the lives of the people whom Jesus helped; rather it stay focused on Jesus' life because it is all about Jesus.

     Therefore we must live our lives to the fullest because if we would not, no one would. The people and figures whose lives we admired and looked up to just live their lives simply to the fullest. And remarkably they lived. So let us take away the focus from others who are just dictating us on what to do specially our society. Let us take our lives back. Let us start to live and believe that our life is all about us.

    Yes, there are those who say, forget yourself, deny yourself, sacrifice yourself. But could you do it when you even do not know who you are? Thus, live your life and when you do there would be no need for you to deny yourself because you are living your TRUE SELF, the one breathed and molded by God.

     Live life fully!

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