Saturday, August 23, 2014

Smiling Makes A Difference

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     As I am writing this I couldn't help but smile. Smiling has been a part of my morning session and mirror session. Every time I look into the mirror I smile; because that person in the mirror is the most beautiful person I see everyday. I may not mean physically but she is just as she is. And the more I smile, the more beautiful that person in the mirror becomes. I'm not narcissistic, she is just one of the best that I have.
     Anyway, there are many things that make me smile. Yesterday, the tranquil sea beyond and the towering mountains ahead made me smile. Not only that but also the clouds that moved across the sky made me smile. By gazing at these things I could not help but smile. How wonderful God's creations really are.

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       This afternoon while walking along the cogon grasses that lined up along my path, my lips curved to a  smile again. The more I smiled when the soft breeze kissed my face. It pays to be a country person. Everything fresh is enjoyed freely. No need to take a vacation.

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     In my daily routine, not only the above things made me smile. Included are the helpful articles I read, the comments of friends and the love of my family. Smiling does not mean everything in my life goes perfect. In the contrary, it is not. Only that smiling helps to lighten my load and lets me focus on the bright side of life. Smiling indeed makes a difference.

Get Happy!

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