Sunday, August 24, 2014

Philippines National Heroes Day 2014

Today the Philippines celebrate its National Heroes Day. As a proud Filipino, I want to share the message of our president here.

His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III
President of the Philippines
To the Filipino people
On the occasion of National Heroes Day
[Released to media on August 24, 2014]

I join the Filipino people in celebrating National Heroes Day.
Today, we are reminded of the brave men and women who laid down their lives for the liberty that we cherish today. We are, and will forever be, indebted to their sacrifice. We sustain their legacy as we persist in weaving their dream of a free, inclusive, and empowered Philippines into a tangible reality.
Four years ago, the Filipino people dared to go against the tide of indifference and braved the waters towards good governance and social justice. Despite seemingly insurmountable odds we forged on, never letting those who continue to sow greed, doubt, and negativism undermine our love of country and people.
Now, we stand proud of the nation that we have become, as we bear the greatest gift for our forefathers: We have launched a revolution for enduring change and reform. It is this transformation that we shall proudly bequeath to coming generations.
Though we now face different challenges, the call for solidarity and commitment rings loud and true across the archipelago: Let us take this time to rediscover the story of our people, learn from the wisdom of the past, exalt our heritage in our present endeavors, and face the future with renewed courage and optimism. Through the most daunting circumstances—in the face of the strongest storm to hit our lands, in our continuing fight against poverty and corruption, or in our steadfast campaign for peace and equitable progress—we shall prove, time and again that, indeed, the Filipino is worth fighting for.

May we all have a meaningful celebration.

25 August 2014

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Wonderful message. It is true that because of the strength and bravery of our heroes we have become what we are today - a free nation.

As I ponder over these things, I ask myself these questions: who are my heroes? could I be a hero?

Personally, I consider all our national heroes as my heroes. Only that I were not given the chance to know them personally. To be fair, I'll choose somebody whom I know personally to be my hero. I may be a little bit biased but I'm just proud to announce that she is my hero. She is Lilia Manos Padayhag, my mother. She is my hero because so many times she stood for me and fought my life's battles with me. She'd tried with all her might to make me a better person. And if I turned out to be the opposite, it is no longer her fault. I am the one to answer for that. However, if I turned out to be better, it's partly because of her. And if I turned out to be pretty it's because of her genes. But that's another story.

With the second question, I really want to become a hero. I'll be hypocrite if I'll say no, I don't want to. Of course I also want my life to have an impact. I just don't know where my influence could go. I hope I'm starting now. Only one thing I know - I am a hero to my two kids. That's for sure.

Get Happy!

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