Saturday, April 2, 2011

Letting Happiness Flow Through Letting Go

     There are two forms of letting go. One is letting go of something that I do not want or no longer need, like letting go of heartaches and pains from the past. I have to let go of these things in order to move forward in my journey of life with no additional baggage and become a little wiser and happier.

      The other form of letting go is the letting go of something that I do so need and desire. This may sound scary but the truth behind this action is absolutely rewarding. For example, when I have the desire to acquire the newest laptop model. In order to maintain my happiness, I have to let go of the attachment to the desire, yet continue to do the means which could lead me to the acquisition of the newest laptop model. Because when I allow the attachment to the desire to linger within me much longer, it would drain me of my energy and could lead to unhappiness and loss of life balance. The desire is good, the attachment is not. And the best ever way to manage the desire is to let it go and offer it in the hands of God. This way I still can enjoy the flow of happiness in my life. The desire is just a spice of life while the happiness is the main ingredient.

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