Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Four Things To Do When A Member Of The Family Makes You Unhappy

    All of us desire for happiness. No one loves unhappiness. That's why many happiness substitutes ar coming out of the market because there is no definite way to get out of unhappiness.

     One situation of unhappiness is when someone makes us unhappy. What to do when faced with this dilemma? Pack our things and walk away hoping not to see the person who makes us unhappy ever again? Nope. We can't just do that, especially when the one's making us unhappy is a member of our own family. Whether we like it or not a family is a family. To face this situation, the following might help:

1. Determine who is in charge of your feelings. You are not a puppet who lift your hands when somebody lifts the strings or put down your hand when somebody pulls down the strings. Be in charge of your own feelings.

2. Determine what this person has done to you. If it's only petty things, forgive the person right away. There is no other way to overcome hard feelings than forgiveness. If the reason is bigger and is a matter of life and death, then talk it out calmly with the person involved. Settle the conflict in a gentle and loving way.

3. Determine what makes this person behave the way he/she does. Most people operate their lives out of their wounded hearts that have never been healed. Perhaps you are the instrument in the healing of some of the wounds this person is harboring deep within.

4. Understand the person. Extend a compassionate heart. He/She is your family anyway.

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