Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Unleash The Happy Being In You

     Sometime ago a friend of mine read my journal without my permission. When I caught him doing that he smiled at me wryly and said, "corny." Hey, is wanting to grow in spirituality and happiness corny things? Perhaps to some whose lives are not directed the same way I direct my life. It took me sometime to weigh his word. Am I on the right path? Or am I just too OA with my life and myself? Well, the answer I heard from deep within is, I am just trying to inch my way where I could be much happier.
     We may not like it but there are some people who would try to pull us down. The road to happiness is yes, difficult. But it's in overcoming these hurdles in life that we become victorious. No matter what, we just have to be happy despite...despite the negativities around. Sometimes what makes us unhappy, is the realization that we are still unhappy though we know we have the capability to be happy. We are happy beings because we come from a happy God. And this is what we must do and be...
     Be happy!


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