Monday, March 21, 2011

Living The Life I Love To Live

     Jaime Tardy has this advice, "a lot of us think we have to have jobs we dislike because we need the money, but that puts money in control instead of you. Figure out the life you love to live, then make your million." So true. So very, very true.
     When I was younger, I was told to choose a college course where I could earn more income. Nobody told me to study the field I love the most, or where I am more skilled. In the first university where I enrolled, I was advised to take A.B. English because it was where I scored highest in the scholarship examination. I got the scholarship and took the course. But only for a year. The following year I shifted to another course; not because I love it, but because almost everybody advised me to shift course. They said with A.B. English I would end up being a teacher. Nobody gets rich being a teacher. Innocent as I was, I followed the advice of the grown-ups. (Sometimes grown-ups have not really grown). After I graduated I was able to find many jobs. Many, because I kept on jumping one job from the other. Honestly, I have not really found a job where I am the happiest sans the salary. I have stayed on one job for years not because it was better, but because I have to provide for my family. And I am not so happy. Until I was awakened from my deepest slumber. I thought I was stuck. But no, there is still hope. And I am now on my way.
     If others have found their happiness, doing the things they love while earning for a living, I could be too.
     Be happy!


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