Sunday, April 12, 2009


Even when we are young the quest for happiness is already in us. As babies we crave for a toy, and when it is given to us we become happy. It also makes our parents happy to see us happy and contented.
As we grow older our unconscious definition of happiness becomes complicated. Our environment influences us in our choices. What is new and acceptable becomes our basis to becoming happy. Soon we equate happiness with materialism. We become a slave of the thought that unless we get what we crave for we could never be happy; or unless something happen according to how we want it to happen we could never be happy.
Our wise heavenly Father already foresee that we would one day arrive to this kind of situation. He knows this imperfection in our nature, which would lead us to forget Him, that He would no longer matter to us. We still do pray. But our prayers is only for the protection of our possessions or for the achievements of our selfish desires.
Yet, no matter how much we squander the wealth God has given to us; no matter how we abuse the free will that has been bestowed upon us, He still leave the choice to us and condemned us not. For, what makes us unhappy is the very fact that we are made in His own image and likeness. This image and likeness of God is what keep us from straying away from Him. This is what urge us to find the true happiness which could only be found in God.
The way to finding this happiness is never easy when we are to be realistic. But it is achievable when it is worked upon on a day to day basis; for with God nothing is impossible.

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