Friday, April 10, 2009

About This Blog

This blog is for people like me who wants to enjoy the journey of life. It has been said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I choose to live a happy life. I know happiness does not happen overnight nor could it be taken away from me overnight. Therefore, I choose this single step towards my happiness and for those others who are willing to come along with me in this journey. This is the objective of this blog.
If anyone out there is willing to share with me my "corny" way of becoming happy, then let's go and take this single step. Some of the blogs that are about to come may be based on my personal experiences and insights, yet I would not put limitations into it. I'll expand my horizon by also using the experiences and insights of other people who have gone ahead of me and are successful in their quest to uncover the beauty of life.
With regards to my blog's title "Get Happy Slowly," I wonder if J. D. Roth would discover. My title has been inspired by his website, "Get Rich Slowly." His is not an instant gratification of getting rich. Mine is not an instant gratification of getting happy too. For I believe happiness requires a lot of effort. It does not happen; one must choose to make it happen. Just like the way of creating athletes who win the gold. It takes time. It takes practice. Not that we are denied of it in our nature. It has been our right since we are born. Only that many things happen to us while growing up; things which slowly grabbed the nature of happiness from us; things which put us to stay out of focus. And when we grow up we wonder why children are so happy with just a box of chocolate or a piece of lollipop. Why are they happy?
This made me decide to take back my happiness. It is not as easy as it seems. For letting go of the things that can make me unhappy is not easy since I come to be attached to it. But I know "happiness" will be mine in God's perfect time. If you want to join me, come along and let's have fun.

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