Tuesday, May 5, 2015

God Hears, God Heals

With God nothing shall be impossible. God hears, God heals.

It became an irony to me: we all ask for God to heal us; God is more than willing to heal us. Yet, why does it seems that our need for healing and God's promise of healing do not meet? Where is that very place that our will and God's will would meet? Nobody knows, except perhaps to God's enlightened ones. Well, wherever it is, our faith would help us find the way. This I am so much sure of. And this is the very truth I held on to.

I had been suffering from GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) since November last year. The pain and discomfort was unbearable. I requested to be brought to the hospital. After discharge I still did not feel okey. I consulted a specialist and was given medications. After three weeks of taking the medicines, I was better but not totally healed. I searched for ways to get healed. I followed the experts' advice to GERD patients on what to eat and what to avoid. I felt better but not totally healed. Then I started to experience tremor-like sensations in my arms and legs. I easily got tired. My head and body felt so light. I went to the doctor again. This time I was given multivitamins, hoping that my body would respond to it positively. I also took herbal food supplements. I prayed more and got back to meditation again. I felt much better but not totally healed.

Come 24th of April, the first day of St. Vincent Ferrer's novena mass. I attended the novena masses hoping to nurture once again my spiritual life, and also with the prayer intention of obtaining God's healing. Gratefully, I was able to complete the nine days mass. I have been staying in Larena for fourteen years, but it was the first time that I completed the novena mass. And on the last day, God touched my spirit. He blessed me. I felt it. As the choir sang the communion song, my spirit cried. I held back tears. If I were just alone in the church with God at that very moment, I would not mind crying bucket of tears. It was in those kind of moments that I used to feel God's presence. And at that moment my spirit communed with God. He touched me. I felt so light inside. My spirit was at ease, my soul at peace. I was so grateful to Him. It was as if I was in a kind of spiritual retreat. It was so long ago since the last time He touched my spirit like that. And it was so beautiful. 

Days after that, the reflux did not bug me anymore. I felt a whole lot better. Was I healed? Did God grant my prayers? I want to believe so. I prayed it would be so, for until this day I am still so okey. This is only what I could tell for now. Well, did I say on the eighth day of the novena mass I felt so sick? I was. But I told the feelings, 'back of Satan, I am strong and God is healing me.' After the mass I felt so okey. Perhaps strengthening our will and faith are also keys to healing. Putting our spirit in the hands of God and communing with Him continually contribute fifty percent of the healing process. When the spirit is strong, the body follows. I believe so. And I firmly believe too that God hears prayers and heals us completely in His own time. What He did to me, He will do to you too.

Get happy!

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