Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Regina Brett's Fifty Life Lessons: The Eleventh Lesson

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Lesson Number Eleven: Make peace with your past so it won't screw up the present.

I believe we are a result of our history. What we did in the past defines much of who we really are in our present. If we have an ugly past, we could be ugly too if we allow it to shape us ugly. However, if we rise up from the ugliness of our past we become much prettier in our present. Because we already know how it is to be "ugly", we struggle to become beautiful which is who we really are.

Regina Brett is right. No matter what transpired in the past we have to make peace with it. We don't have to just bury anything we did not like in our past. It would only get out of the tomb over and over again because it's not dead. We just assume it is or had been.

Brother Bo Sanchez said, "our past does not define our future". True. But we could never change our future if we fail to make peace with our past. Thus we have to accept everything that happened in the past, whether we like it or not. Only then moving on is much easier and the present much happier.

Get happy!

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