Monday, March 29, 2010

Some Things Are Worth Giving Up

     I once believe I have to do great, really great things in order to earn respect from people and be considered one important soul. But just recently I realize I could not please the millions of people in my generation. All because each one has his own preferences and operates life almost always through these preferences. There are just people who love only their flock. Unless you talk, act, and think like them could you be accepted as a person. The folly of me kept on convincing myself that I should do something to become friends with these people. Yet, no matter how much I tried, the effort did not pay off.

     Having arrived to this realization, I become free. Yeah, I have no obligation whatsoever to please these people. The most Godly way I could do is accept them as they are and accept the fact that they could not please me too. There is no attachment. We are all free. If they despise me for being different from them, I'll toss the idea aside. It is not worth the bother. I am free. Life goes on.

"I wish you friends and friendship, the ability to be a friend, and the openness to allow others to be your friends. It isn't always easy to open ourselves up and allow others to see our needs and our faults, but this journey of life on which we all find ourselves is much more fulfilling when we don't try to travel every path alone. Making and keeping friends is not always an easy task, but it's one that's well worth the trouble and the risk."   Living Life Fully

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