Friday, June 12, 2015

Modern Day Jonah

Most of us are fascinated by the Bible story of Jonah, whom God called, and eventually was eaten by a big fish because he refused to answer God's call. But a modern day Jonah? Is there? Yes, I think so. You and I are both the likes of Jonah. We all has a unique calling that only us could answer. The world awaits for what we can do and what we can give. The world opened up when we were born. It welcomed us. It gave us the space that we would occupy. And it gave us the opportunity to share what we bring on our birth.

Yes, finding our calling is not easy as well as fulfilling of it. It would take many heartaches, heartbreaks and hardships before we would realize the right path God has intended us to take. It would be annoying at times why God would have us do what we do not want to do and hate to do. We do not even feel qualified to do certain things that we are supposed to do. Yet, when we give God a chance and start following the urgings of our spirit, we would find in the end, that yeah, God is right. So keep on following the urgings of your spirit. Listen to the dissatisfaction of your soul. That is how God speaks. I know because I was once there too.

Get happy!

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