Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Glimpse At Stillness

The sun does not actually rises. The sun does not actually sets. If we are to get out of Earth and have a trip to the universe, we would see that the sun is still, very, very still in its place. In actuality it is the Earth that moves around the sun and revolves in its orbit. We Earthlings see differently because of our limited vision. 
We Earthlings are subject to the nature of our world. All we have to do is flow with it. We do not need to question the high tides, low tides and ebb of life. We do not need to question the passing of the seasons. Everything has been there for more than six thousand years, even before we were born. We do not have to question everything in which we are just subjects. We do not fall from our planet because of the pull of gravity. Everything in our planet follows a law. And we are subjects to it. 
We should even be grateful because we have a God who guides us; a God who says, 'Do not ask, just be. I am in control.'
We do not need to become what we are not. We do not need to follow our Earthly whims and worldy wishes. In God is truth, in God is freedom. If we know how to listen closely with the whisperings of God, we would surely overcome the world and its polarities. And when I say listen to God, it should be our spirit doing the listening because a mind that is not in line with the spirit always lead someone astray. 

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