Thursday, April 23, 2015

My Tai Chi Journey

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 Personal development is an on-going journey. Like the negative habits and attitudes that we acquired through the years unaware, it would also take years to finally conquer our long-lost self. There is no magic to it. There are no short-cuts. We need to develop step by step because this is the way of nature. If we plant something, we need to water it daily, nurture it and provide its needs until we harvest the fruit of our labor.

On my way to physical healing, I will do everything just to regain my normal health again. Starting this week I am doing Tai Chi. I read somewhere that it could help the nerves. That is what I did. After days of practice, I notice a positive effect it has on me. Thus I have been looking forward to mastering this art and skill. Presently, my chosen mentor is Dr. Paul Lam. I like his training videos. They are done step by step and easy to follow.

What about you. What is the ritual you employ as part of your personal development? Hope you find the right one that works for you.

Get happy!

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