Friday, October 17, 2014

How To Become Happy: Overcoming Challenge One


Goal: Happiness. Strategy: Wake up early.

How are the two related? So what if I do not want to wake up early, does this mean I could never be happy? Well, would you be? Are you a night owl, or an early bird? Studies suggest that humans are wired to wake up early because it is what we learned from our ancestors. This knowledge is passed down to us through our genes. And whether we like it or not our bodies respond to it positively.

Have you noticed that when you slept late at night and woke up the next day late, you still feel tired and unenergetic even though you completed eight hours of sleep? People who work at night knows this; myself included because I had experienced working grave shift. The name says it. Unconsciously, this experience if repeated for a longer period of time could result to the decrease of our happiness level. It is because our bodies signal to us that something is not right in its activities thereby resulting to its poor performance. I am not saying this as an expert, I am saying this based on experience. I do not condemn working late at night or working graveyard shifts, but if you want to be happy you've got to make a choice and set plans of actions. We only live once. Do not wait when things get serious before you act.

Naturally, when you sleep early you wake up early. When you wake up early you get to start early. You can do your physical exercises and even eat breakfast on time. Unlike when you slept late and woke up late, you would be in a hurry so as to forget about breakfast. When we take care of our body by doing things that could not harm it our rewards would be great. Not only can it guarantee us longer life but it also can give us the happiness we are wanting to possess. Happiness is being at the top of things. You could never be happy when you know that there is an aspect in your life that needs immediate attention and correction. One challenge to becoming happy is waking up early. Don't be too loose. This takes much discipline.

Get happy!

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