Monday, October 6, 2014

Getting In Shape


If this blog were created today I would have named it 'Get In Shape Slowly'. It is because I found out getting happy is a very broad topic to discuss. It is not enough to say, 'stay positive and be happy.' The world and our development do not work this way. There are things we need to do in order to grow and develop our self to the best we could. Our system does not guarantee us pure happiness when it knows there is still room for our improvement; it does not give us pure happiness when it knows we are much, much more than we actually are in our present state. We need to do more in order to be happy. This is the reality that most of us often neglected, because our notion of happiness is that whatever our situation in life is we should be happy. I discover I should not be. Grateful always for whatever situation my life is in, yes I should be. But I should improve, and improve, and improve, and improve. There is no limit as to how God could let out the best in me. Others say, "happiness is not the destination, but the journey." Well, this is in connection with their own journey. For me, I still work on and see whether what they are saying is true. Or perhaps I discover another thing which some of other travelers may be able to relate to. Whichever, I'd be getting in shape in all areas. And when I'm there I'd be able to say, happy at last.

Get Happy!

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