Saturday, July 16, 2011

Regina Brett's fifty Life Lessons: The Nineteenth Lesson

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Lesson Number Nineteen: It's never too late to have a happy childhood.  But the second one is up to you and no one else.

Childhood is the time of our life wherein we enjoy much the world without pretenses. It is the time where we are genuine and free of emotional baggages. However, not all of us experience happy childhood, rich and poor alike. 

Poverty could be a reason that prevents from having a happy childhood 

Sometimes we believe poverty prevents us from having a happy childhood because many children are force to work early in life to help their parents earn a living and support the family. It is partly true. Instead of running freely along the beach or flying kites in the field, some children are deprived of these activities because they are in the streets selling newspapers or cigarettes. They could be in the field not playing but working, tilling the soil.

Child abuse also prevents a happy childhood 
Sometimes too children are abused physically, emotionally and psychologically. Mostly, those who are doing these abuses are the ones who never get to have a happy childhood. 

If we happen to be one of these children, are our lives doomed to be unhappy forever? 

No, of course not. We always have a choice. when we grow older and choose to be wiser, we would discover that life is beautiful. Because no matter how ugly our past experiences may seem to be, we still have the choice to make it beautiful. 

 God is always willing to help us have a happy childhood

The good news is that, we have a loving God who always guides us to making our life beautiful. We always have a choice. We always have a chance because our God is the God of second chances. If we have a checkered childhood, the way to make it beautiful is to live it over again differently. We just have to forgive everything that happened in our past. Accept everyhting, forgive everything and go on make our life beautiful. It is not difficult. It is easy. Just give it a try because no one can make you happy other than yourself. So go on, have a happy second childhood.

Get happy!

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