Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Leisurely Yours

     This past few days I've been quiet due to many factors, such as: our town's annual fiesta celebration, a writer's lag, and failure to concentrate much.
     I've been trying to discipline myself by posting here daily, but lack of sleep takes its toll.
     Part of the fiesta's celebration is the canoan food street festival, wherein stalls selling variety of foods are lined along the street for diners who want to eat while enjoying themselves with the different bands that played every night on a stage fronting these stalls. This celebration lasted five straight nights. Well, we did enjoy watching the band since it only happens during this time of year. Thus it is hard for me to concentrate here. Moreover, I have given myself the pleasure of giving up my meditation and contemplation time as of the moment in favor of joining with others in this celebration-for a change. It was worth it, though I have not yet completely given myself the enough rest needed to recharge myself fully.
     It's quite fulfilling sometimes to be naughty by breaking a discipline for a time. It's kind of breathing a fresh air of another kind. All in all I was happy and is preparing myself now to align my discipline and schedule once again.
     Get happy!   

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