Monday, May 4, 2009

Owner's Manual For Human Beings

"When I was growing up, my parents didn't give me an Owner's Manual for Human Beings. How about you? Were you given an owner's manual explaining how you were designed to function? Did it come with instructions how to operate  correctly and happily?"
The words above are the first four sentences of the Chapter Two of Mark Anthony's ebook "How To Be Happy And Have Fun Changing The World." His questions are true and correct for me. If anyone of us has been born from perfect parents and given an Owner's Manual for Human Beings, surely that person is the luckiest one ever born in this planet. However, neither of us is given such privilege.No one  is born with a golden spoon prepared for him. All of us are given the opportunity to seek, ask and be fulfilled when we have reached our truest potential.
 What I used to believe
This is the reason why I seek happiness. Before, I used to believe I was unlucky for having been born with imperfect parents. I used to be disappointed why I was not taught the right things, actions and reactions. I used to hate it when unhappiness smiled before my face and accompanied me in my journey for awhile. For so many years I lived with these destructive thoughts. 
Letting go of unhappiness
Now I know better because I understand better. I have finally opened my mind to positive change. But take note, the road to happiness for me is not as easy as it appears to be. It took several years for my depression to worsen due to fears. Naturally it would take years for me to let go of these fears which are the barriers to obtaining happiness. When I am in the state of depression or is about to complain, I always remind myself that these things are not my circumstances; they are not my enemies, rather they are there for me as reminders that something needs to be improved. Whatever that something is, these negative emotions help me clarify my situation. 
 My Owner's Manual
Thus, the Owner's Manual For Human Beings for me are my negative emotions, especially unhappiness, because through it I would learn the things which I could change and improve and thereby could find the happiness that is hiding behind those things. 

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