Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our Brain's Function In Relation To Happiness

Hello folks!
Happiness in the net
The other day I surfed the net about happiness, checking if my blog would come out from the search; I tried google and yahoo. To my dismay, it did not. Lots and lots of blogs and websites about happiness were already there. Sure, I was disappointed. For this means to me, my chances of being read by any possible searcher was zero if not a negative one. Thanks to my Lord for my guardian angel who tapped my shoulder and said, "Come on lady, why cast down your soul? You already know what it means." Right then an idea sprung up. It only means more people want to heal this illing world. Those people were there, offering what they could, sharing happiness according to how they were blessed with it. This is not a bad world after all. Our world has a big chance of healing. Most importantly, there is still a large part of humanity who were not all that "bad."
The call
If my calling is in sharing happiness, then surely, God will find a way on how would I fulfill it. So, why worry? I just need to close my eyes, take a deep breath and allow the urgings of the Spirit to guide me. I will go my merry way then.
Our brain's chemistry
With the previous blog I share about the power of our brain or our personal computer that varies according to its chemistry. Again, I acknowledge Michael Anthony who is the original author of it. In continuation, we can increase our natural abilities and happiness by consciously adjusting the chemistry of our brain's cranial fluid. This fluid is affected by our thoughts, diet/nutrition, exercise, rest, environment and physiology.
As previously discussed our thoughts, positive and negative cause our brain to secrete chemicals, which in turn, affect all our abilities and functions. Our thoughts have two components: facts and emotions. A fact is the stimulus that we receive through our nervous system. However, we attach emotions to this fact. As negative emotions cause adverse chemical secretions, therefore hindering our natural abilities and happiness, we should be more objective and must restructure any negative emotional attachment we have to certain facts. Facts are merely facts. The good thing is, we can choose any emotional response to them. Remember, we are what we think.
As is the case, everything we eat and drink is chemical and affects our performance and feelings. This is true with people who drink alcohol, their attitude change as they increase their intake. Likewise, people whose diet consist mostly of vegetables and fruits tend to be healthier physically and mentally.
Our body is designed to function properly with physical exertion so it can remove toxins and secrete beneficial chemicals. A depressive person feels better after exercising.
Sufficient rest is necessary for the body to eliminate toxins and rejuvenate itself. While we sleep, our brain is busy processing all the information it received during the day so that it can make spontaneous decisions when we are awake.
Environment in relation to happiness does not only limit to our physical surroundings but also to the people around us as well. If we are to be happy, it helps more when we are surrounded by positive people. There is what they call mood "infection". We would not be infected with negative mood if our electromagnetic field and positive thoughts are very strong; rather it works the other way round.
How we carry our body reflects our emotional state whether we are positive and confident or negative and depressed. To improve our chemistry we must change our physiology. One step is to take slow, deep breaths, stand tall and stick the chest out. Another, is to raise the eyes to the sky and smile. We will then feel alert and energized. If we always carry ourselves like a winner, we will feel like a winner.
There, I have my share of happiness tips. I share this not because I already live this way; but I share this to ensure that I will live this way and walk my talk.
Get Happy!:)

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